Programs I recommend

To remove Spyware & Ad-ware
ADAWARE by Lavasoft

This is a FREE program. One of the best available. It is easy to use and understand.

Another Anti-Spyware Program
SPYBOT Search & Destroy

This is a FREE program. Excellent for getting rid of Spyware

To stop most POP-UPS

This is a FREE download from Google. It adds a toolbar to your internet explorer.  The toolbar is very customizable, so if you are like me, you can set it so you barely notice it and it will still work great

Here is a Microsoft utility program that lets you view Power Point Presentations.
Power Point Viewer

This is a FREE & Legitimate  program. You can even download it direct from Microsoft
 added .. 10/2005

Here is a utility program that lets 'ZIP' and 'UNZIP' files.
  WinZip 9.0

This is an Evaluation copy that never expires. It works great, and has the full version of all the basic features. Purchasing it will get rid of the opening screen that asks "would you like to purchase  the program". For more information or to buy it visit 
 added .. 10/2005

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